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Liz challenges Conservative candidate on Brexit

The mystery of how the Conservative candidate for Witney voted in the European referendum has become an issue in the Witney by-election.

Liz Leffman has written an open letter asking Robert Courts how he voted, given that there is no public record of his views on Europe. 

Liz Leffman said:

“Whatever side of the argument you are on, Brexit is the great question of the age.

"The people of Witney have a right to know how the Conservative candidate voted, and more importantly now, whether he supports key pillars of our European links that are vital to Oxfordshire, such as membership of the Single Market, free movement, environmental protection and the Erasmus scheme.

“David Cameron and the people of Witney were clear that Britain was stronger in Europe, but much of the current cabinet clearly wants to haul up the drawbridge.

“To try to shuffle into parliament hoping no one will notice what you think on the great question of the day would be dishonest.

“I am clear that for the sake of jobs and the future of young people, Witney will be better off in Europe. I challenge the Conservative candidate to say if he agrees with me.”

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