About voting (when, where, how...)

On Thursday 3rd May 2018, half of Oxford City Council will be up for election. Labour currently have 75% of the seats on the City Council, with the only real opposition coming from the Liberal Democrats. Your vote can change that, and ensure an administration that properly represents the entire city.

Am I eligible to vote?

Voting is open to UK, EU and some Commonwealth citizens. You should register to vote online if you're not currently registered, or unsure if you're registered, or if you have moved since the last election. Once registered, you can vote in person at a polling station, or apply to vote by post.

Who is my current councillor?

The City Council's find my councillor service allows you to find your council ward, and its current councillor, using your postcode.

When and where do I vote?

The election is on Thursday 3rd May 2018. You will be sent a polling card by post that shows the address of your local polling station and its opening hours. If you haven't received your card and it's nearly election day, contact the City Council Elections Team using the contact details at the bottom of their voter registration page. If you've lost your card you can still vote; you can find your polling station online.

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