Chris Carrigan for Wantage


Chris Carrigan has lived in the Wantage constituency for all his working life. He cares deeply for the area and his family has been brought up here. He served on the local District Council for eight years and has been a board member of several voluntary organisations.

Chris is a scientist by background and started work after university at the Defence Academy in Shrivenham. For a large part of his career he was a partner at a world-leading management consultancy. He left that job for Oxfam where he worked on its global restructuring and the development of their humanitarian strategy. He is currently head of strategy and transformation at one of the world’s largest international companies.

The economy of the Wantage Constituency is critically linked to European cooperation and partnership. We need someone in Parliament who understands science, understands what this constituency needs, and isn’t afraid to stand up to the Conservatives' hard Brexit agenda.

The Liberal Democrats are the real opposition to the Conservative Brexit Government, and the only party fighting for a Britain that is open, tolerant and united. In our constituency, only the Liberal Democrats can threaten the Conservatives' arrogant assumption that the seat is theirs no matter what they do and how their MP votes. Chris Carrigan would be a great addition to Parliament and a local MP who would fight for our future.