Witney Liberal Democrats

Local Elections May 2020

The Liberal Democrats have an excellent set of candidates for the upcoming district elections on 7th May.

Some of the main issues we are campaigning on for a better West Oxfordshire are:

  • Better Transport
  • Affordable Homes
  • Tackle Climate Change
  • Invest in Youth Services
  • Infrastructure before Housing

Going Green Now

It is time to invest in going Green across West Oxfordshire, and urgently, say the Liberal Democrats.

More Electric Vehicle charging points, investing in renewable energy and supporting public transport are just some of the ways the Liberal Democrats will achieve a carbon neutral West Oxfordshire by 2030.

The local Lib Dem team say that the district needs to move with much greater urgency than the Conservatives are currently planning and treat it as a genuine climate emergency.

A citizens assembly and bringing all residents on board are fundamental if we want to achieve those ambitious goals for our district


10% Swing for Lib Dems in General Election


Liberal Democrats in West Oxfordshire are the clear challengers to Boris Johnson’s extreme Conservatives.
At the 2019 General Election the Lib Dems received their highest ever total of votes in the consistuency - twice as much as Labour.  There was a significant swing to Witney Lib Dems.
This follows the pattern of local government election results and the 2019 European elections - when the Lib Dems topped the poll here.  On West Oxfordshire District Council the Lib Dems are the official opposition to the Conservatives.



Liberal Democrat Local Gains in 2019

We are now the official opposition on West Oxfordshire District Council with 10 seats. Andy Graham was re-elected in Charlbury & Finstock, joined by Dan Levy in Eynsham & Cassington and Nathalie Chapple in Stonesfield & Tackley.


Cllr Nathalie Chapple, Cllr Liz Leffman, Cllr Andy Graham, Charlotte Hoagland and Cllr Dan Levy.


Who Are We?

In West Oxfordshire, the Witney Liberal Democrats comprise hundreds of members active in Burford, Chipping Norton, Charlbury, Carterton, Witney and Woodstock as well as in the surrounding villages and countryside.


We made gains in the District Council elections in 2018 and 2019, and in the Euro Elections in May we won most votes overall in West Oxfordshire, beating the Brexit Party into second place, the Greens into third, Conservatives fourth and Labour fifth.

If you are interested in supporting the party you can join as a Lib Dem member - you will receive mailings from the local party, as well as from the national party. You have a vote in national Lib Dem matters such as election of the President and the Leader and the right to attend national and regional conferences to vote on policies.

You do not need to join the party to support us - we would be very pleased to hear from you. We need help in getting our message out to local residents, good locations for garden poster stake boards or even whether you can make on-going financial contribution however small to help with our campaign costs (printing leaflets etc).  There is also a 50-50 club which has a monthly draw.

You can get in touch by wiring to witney@oxonlibdems.uk or phoning one of our local party officers:

  • Andy Graham (Chair) 07908 832632
  • Derek Laud (Vice Chair) 07837 254544
  • Sarah Yules (Secretary) 07734 103698

If you would like to support the local party financially, please visit our donation page by clicking here:




Ben Molyneux - A Close Second in Witney North 

On August 29th the Liberal Democrats came within just 9 votes of winning the Witney North Town By-Election in an area where we have not focussed for several years. It was disappointing to miss out but still a good result.

Our candidate Ben Molyneux had this to say:

What a whirlwind adventure this campaign has proved to be!.

I am a relatively new Lib Dem having joined the party this year, the same as many of our new members, so frustrated with the Government, Brexit and the lack of decisive opposition from The Labour Party.

We knew we had a fight on our hands as it had been a decade since we last won this ward in Witney, but the team were really up for the challenge and gave it everything. We had such a strong team of volunteers, creating the leaflets, delivering them and knocking on doors, it was a privilege to be part of and I recommend anyone thinking of getting involved to let us know, come along to our drinks evenings and coffee mornings and join in.


As we all know, a general election is looming and we now stand in a position to win in Witney which is a real prospect and the big bonus from our campaign.

Our Policies for Witney North

Infrastructure First

For too long Witney has suffered too much housing without suitable infrastructure or services.

Ben will work with fellow Liberal Democrat councillors to oppose the building of new houses until the issues of infrastructure, traffic congestion, over-stretched GP surgeries and threats to our wildlife have been addressed.

Improved Public Transport

The centre of town and A40 are seriously congested, making everyday travel difficult.

Instead of just more roads, Ben is promoting an investigation into the viability of a rail or tram link from Witney to Oxford. Alongside fellow LibDems, I am also working to make it easier for cyclists and pedestrians to get around and for improved bus services.

A Greener, Cleaner Witney

We must work now to protect the environment, and to ensure a safe and secure future for our children. Ben will promote Witney as a centre of green technology to help drive the economy in a sustainable fashion. He will also promote initiatives to end single use plastic and the reduction of over packaging in the town's supermarkets, following the successful model of Morrisons.

And he will ensure that cleaner air quality is a priority for Bridge Street, working with his colleagues at both district and county level to fix this




About the Witney Constituency


Witney is a parliamentary constituency in Oxfordshire, covering the same area as the West Oxfordshire district council. The major towns in the area are Burford, Chipping Norton, Charlbury, Carterton, Eynsham, Witney (where the district council is based) and Woodstock.

West Oxfordshire is a mostly rural area, with downs and forest; the main activities are in farming and associated trades. Many residents work in Oxford, Reading, Birmingham or London.