Witney Liberal Democrats operate within West Oxfordshire, which has a District Council and is represented in Parliament by the MP for Witney (currently this is David Cameron, the Conservative Prime Minister). A few of the larger towns have Town Councils with political representatives but most Parish Councils are non-political.

We have an Executive Committee which plans election campaigns, provides membership activities and contributes to Liberal Democrat policy development. The committee also selects candidates, including our prospective parliamentary candidate.

In some towns and villages we have Lib Dem branches which organise local activities, campaigns and fund-raising. The branches and the executive committee keep closely in touch.

If you are interested in supporting the party you can join as a Lib Dem member - you will receive mailings from the local party (usually via email), as well as from the national party. You have a vote in national Lib Dem matters such as election of the President and the Leader and the right to attend national and regional conferences to vote on policies.

You do not need to join the party to support us - we would be very pleased to hear from you. We need help in getting our message out to local residents, good locations for garden poster skateboards or even whether you can make on-going financial contribution however small to help with our campaign costs (printing leaflets etc).  There is also a 50-50 club which has a monthly draw.

You can send a message to any of the committee officers via witney@oxonlibdems.uk

For the year 2015 the officers are:

Glena Chadwick (Chair) 01608 810555
Elizabeth Poskitt (Secretary) 01993 811590
Liz Leffman (Vice Chair) 01608 810153



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