Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

County Council to appeal for a fairer allocation of the New Homes Bonus

A motion proposed by Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Cllr Richard Webber was passed unanimously at the Full Meeting of Oxfordshire County Council on Tuesday 14th July.

The motion argued that the current New Homes Bonus split of 80% to District Councils and 20% to County Councils has transformed the finances of District and City Councils and put additional strain on County budgets, who are responsible for all the costly infrastructure that new housing requires - principally roads, schools and social services.

A fairer split - say 50:50 (some would argue that it should be 20:80) - would allow the County Council to save £8m pa and many of its front line services currently at risk from austerity policies of Central Government.

Council agreed to approach its MPs, other Counties and organisations to enlist their support in persuading Central Government to review the NHB split.

"The unanimous cross-party support for the motion greatly increases the chance of Central Government listening to us" said Cllr Webber. "It is to the credit of all councillors - particularly those who are also District and City Councillors - that they saw the reason and fairness in the argument and gave the motion their full support" he added.

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