Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Stunning close result in Sandford-on-Thames by-election

Liberal Democrat candidate Simon Thompson leads surge in support from 20% in May to 37% just five months later, coming within 43 votes of winning the Sanford & the Wittenhams seat on South Oxfordshire District Council.

Liberal Democrat Simon Thompson came within 43 votes of beating the Tories as our vote surged from 20% in May to 37% now in October 2015.

The by-election was for the South Oxfordshire District Council ward of Sandford & the Wittenhams. Voters switched from all other parties to the Lib Dems, putting the party within a few percentage points of victory.

Sue Cooper, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for the South East Oxfordshire constituency of Henley in May said, "It shows that the actions of the Conservative Government since May, coupled with their poor stewardship of Oxfordshire County Council, are causing increased dissatisfaction in south Oxfordshire. As a result, Lib Dem membership is rising. Now is the time to join the fight back."

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