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Petition: Wootton Road roundabout

Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate Layla Moran and local Councillor Margaret Crick have been campaigning for the County Council to review the Wootton Road roundabout, which has been suffering from congestion since changes made by Conservative Councillors were implemented.


We've heard from a lot of local residents about the problems with the Wootton Road roundabout after the changes made to it by Conservative County Councillors.  

The local Lib Dem team is campaigning for the County Council to review the situation and make changes to the roundabout if necessary to reduce the traffic queues.

If you agree with the Lib Dems' campaign, please sign the petition below.

'I call on Oxfordshire County Council to urgently review the impact of the changes and improve how the Wootton Rd roundabout works to reduce the long traffic queues.'

This petition is now closed.  Thank you for your support.

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