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12 Lords-a-leaping for Liz

A dozen peers are descending on Witney over the weekend to campaign for Liz Leffman, Liberal Democrat candidate in the by-election.

They will be split in teams of two and be asked to play “canvassing bingo” where they are given a series of tasks, such as which team can secure the most sites for poster boards and the most pledges of support for Liz. The local Lib Dem HQ in Corn Street Witney will also award prizes to the team that canvasses a celebrity – Jeremy Clarkson, who campaigned to Remain in the recent referendum, is among those on the list to be called on – and also for surviving the fiercest dog.

The peers will include former Leader Paddy Ashdown, party president Sal Brinton and Dicky Newby, leader of the 100-plus Liberal Democrat group in the House of Lords.

Party President Baroness Sal Brinton said from the Witney HQ: “We have buses coming in from all over the country and we are expecting our busiest weekend of the campaign so far. The entire party is aware that this is a vital moment for the country to stop the Conservatives risking jobs by pulling Britain out of the Single Market.”

The winning team will be offered a tour of the nearby Wychwood Brewery.

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