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Bill Bradshaw calls on Ed Vaizey, MP for Didcot & Wantage, to support local academic, research and medical science institutions affected by Brexit

Bill Bradshaw, LibDem peer and Wallingford resident, has written to local newspapers calling for local Conservative MP Ed Vaizey to campaign on behalf of academic, research or medical science institutions that depend on funding from the EU.

"Ed Vaizey’s 'News from our MP' published in the Wallingford Community Magazine and no doubt in other such publications in the Didcot and Wantage Constituency, displays absolute complacency about the outcome of the referendum. To my knowledge the leading academic, research and medical scientists in the whole of Oxfordshire are doubtful about future bids for EU funding and are already being asked by partner institutions in the EU to remove their names from bids for future funding or to let other European funding take the lead instead of us.

Ed Vaizey states “my first priority is to protect the jobs and economy in my constituency many of which depend so heavily on the EU”, but he says ”he cannot support a second referendum nor promise to vote against Brexit in Parliament.”

He is the MP for everyone in the constituency and I suggest his first loyalty should be to us. The other local MP Nicola Blackwood has accepted a junior post in government and cannot actively campaign. Ed has just recently lost his ministerial post and is free to fight relentlessly for us all, as the pro Brexit campaigners have done for years. The referendum was fought on downright lies and false promises of funding for all sorts of things for which there is no money.

May I ask everyone whose job or business is in any way affected by the threat to the academic, research or medical science institutions  in this area be they scientist or bus driver, researcher or cleaner teacher or nurse to write  Ed Vaizey at The House of Commons London SW1A OAA or email to [email protected]  to demonstrate your real concerns about what is happening and seek his immediate active support.'


Bill Bradshaw

(Lord Bradshaw of Wallingford)


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