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EU drives F1 industry in West Oxfordshire

Tim Farron and Liz Leffman have visited SS Tube Technology in Eynsham to highlight the importance of F1 to West Oxfordshire and the risk that leaving the Single Market would place on the sector. There are fears that some teams will re-locate to mainland Europe putting at risk local jobs if Britain goes ahead with a hard Brexit.


The motorsport industry employs 48,000 people in Britain, 30,000 in and around Oxfordshire.

Two locally based teams, Renault F1 and Mercedes F1, are worth more than £1bn pounds. SS Tube Technology manufactures high quality exhausts for Formula 1 cars, and Tim and Liz even saw a bicycle made at the Eynsham plant that carried British cyclists to glory at the Olympics. They also looked at plans of the company for its dramatic expansion plans, which could create another 500 local jobs.

Following the visit Liz Leffman said:

"It was great to meet Daniel Chilcott and be shown around SS Tubing. The F1 industry is a key player in the local economy yet this Conservative Government is putting all that at risk by threatening our position in the Single Market."

"It is clear that the Conservatives are no longer the party of business. Their reckless behaviour is going to damage our local economy, and call into question the future of many local jobs. "

Tim Farron added:

"I was really impressed by the company. It has sprung from nearly nowhere to be a major employer, and has impressive plans to expand. British companies are very good at adapting, and no doubt this company like others will try to make the best of Brexit."

“But why are they Conservatives so determined to make it more difficult for Britain? They used to be the party of business. Now the Liberal Democrats are the only free market, free trade pro-business party."

“Theresa May has made it clear that she is going to push forward with a hard, uncompromising Brexit. A position which risks putting jobs on the line, hurting our economy, and reducing our standing in the World. UKIP hardly need a new leader, because Theresa May is now the voice of UKIP."

"That’s why the Liberal Democrats are needed more than ever. We are the real voice of opposition to the Conservative Brexit Government and the only party fighting to keep Britain open, tolerant and united.”

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