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Let Oxfordshire residents decide...

The Liberal Democrat Group on Oxfordshire County Council calls for UNITARY STATUS for Oxfordshire to be put to the people of the county.

The County Council's ruling Conservative & Independent Alliance is proposing wholesale cuts to social services, adult care, subsidised bus services, children's centres and much more.  Angry residents (including members of the Cameron family) reject these proposals as avoidable and unnecessary.

The hard truth is, that as a result of Mr Osborne's cuts, Oxfordshire County Council would have to find more than £30m per year in order to save all the services that residents care about.

The Liberal Democrat Group believes that there is one idea and one idea only which could achieve somewhere near the levels of savings required.

As a result, we are calling for a full scale consultation with all Oxfordshire residents to consider forming a SINGLE UNITARY Council for Oxfordshire, as proposed in the Council's own commissioned Ernst & Young Report 2014.

This would not be a County takeover, as all existing councils would have to disband. This proposal is not new, but has historically been blocked by the district councils.

Liberal Democrat Leader Cllr Richard Webber said "The Liberal Democrat Group believes that Councils are not run for the benefit of Councillors or Councils themselves, but for the benefit of residents. We believe that Oxfordshire residents should be given the opportunity to decide how much they care about their services."


Cllr Richard Webber
Leader, Liberal Democrat Group, Oxfordshire County Council

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