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Oxfordshire votes IN, but it is not enough

Oxfordshire voted decisively to remain in the European Union, with over 215,000 in favour of staying compared with less than 164,000 wanting to leave.

Oxfordshire delivered a decisive vote in favour of remaining in the European Union in the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016.  Only one district failed to vote in favour, and then only by a very small margin of 0.3%.

Overall, more than 215,000 Oxfordshire voters were in favour of IN, compared with less than 164,000 voting to leave, a majority of more than 51,000 for staying in the EU.

The results were as follows:

District Turnout Leave Remain % for IN
Cherwell 75.5% 41,168 40,668 49.7%
City of Oxford 72.3% 20,913 49,424 70.3%
South Oxfordshire 80.7% 37,865 46,245 55.0%
Vale of White Horse 81.1% 33,192 43,462 56.7%
West Oxfordshire 79.7% 30,435 35,326 53.7%
Total 77.8% 163,573 215,125 56.8%


This compares with the result in England of 46.6% to remain in (on a turnout of 73.0%) and the overall result for the whole of the UK of 48.1% to remain in the EU (on a turnout of 72.2%).

Further detail on the results can be found on the BBC News website by clicking here.



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