Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Remain voters should back Liz

This by-election can’t change the Government. But you can use it to make them listen - and change their plans.

Three reasons why Liz is the best option to hold the Government to account on Brexit:

1. Liz voted Remain, the Conservative candidate voted for Brexit

Like most people in West Oxfordshire, Liz voted Remain and was proud to do so. Meanwhile, unlike both Liz and David Cameron, the Conservative candidate voted to leave the EU.

Liz voted Remain, the Conservative candidate voted leave

2. Liz is an experienced businesswoman who understands the Brexit threat to jobs

Has has run herown company for many years, supporting and advising businesses on growing their trade abroad. She knows first hand the damage leaving the single market would cause - to jobs and businesses nationwide.

3. Electing another Conservative MP won't change anything

However you normally vote, this by-election is your once in a lifetime chance to make our nation’s leaders listen. If you don’t agree with the ‘hard’ Brexit stance of the Conservatives post David Cameron, then this is your chance to send them a message.



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