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Lib Dem campaigners win campaign to abolish rental fees

Lib Dem pressure to help renters afford a home and reduce upfront costs has been successful and the Government has announced a ban on letting fees for tenants in the Autumn Statement.


Liberal Democrat peer Olly Grender has been promoting the campaign. She is the author of the Renters’ Rights Bill, which was debated just five days ago in Parliament.

The Bill calls for:

  • A ban on letting fees for tenants
  • Public access to a database of rogue landlords
  • Compulsory electrical safety checks for renters
  • A ban on rogue landlords obtaining an HMO licence

Tom Brake MP has been supporting the Bill in the House of Commons and has himself sponsored an Early Day Motion calling for fees to be banned.

Liberal Democrat councillors across the country have been pushing for renting reform, with successful council motions passed in support of the Renters’ Rights Bill in Hull and Haringey.

Commenting on news of the ban, Baroness Olly Grender said:

“Our relentless campaigning to get tenants’ letting fees banned has finally paid off and the Government has recognised this is the right thing to do. The upfront costs of renting are far too high, pushing many people into debt just to pay the fees, and stopping others from being able to move into a rented home.
It’s no coincidence that just five days after the debate on our Renters’ Rights Bill, which urged the Government to ban these fees, they have agreed to make this important change. Now they must agree to our calls to make renting safer and more secure too.”

Our campaign timeline:

13 March 2016 – Banning letting fees officially becomes party policy
27 April 2016 – Tom Brake MP presents 10 minute rule bill, Landlords and Tenants (Reform) Bill
10 June 2016 – Olly Grender has second reading of Renters’ Rights Bill
10 June 2016 – Lib Dems take part in Parliamentary protest with The Debrief’s ‘Make Renting Fair’ Campaign
13 July 2016 – Tom Brake MP publishes Early Day Motion on scrapping fees
13 October 2016 – Lib Dem protest with The Debrief’s ‘Make Renting Fair’ campaign, presenting their petition of over 250,000 signatures
November 2016 – Lib Dem Councillors win council motions on banning fees in Hull and Haringey
18 November 2016 – Renters’ Rights Bill passes Committee Stage

23 November 2016 - Chancellor accepts our arguments and announces a ban on rental fees

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