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The Witney by-election: everything you need to know

Last night saw the results of the Witney by-election - we started the campaign in 4th place as 50/1 outsiders and thanks to the relentless, positive campaign we ran, dented the Conservative majority and secured one of our best by-election results in decades. This is what you need to know:


1: If this result was repeated across the UK, the Tories would lose their majority

With a 19.3% swing to the Liberal Democrats, we’d take 26 seats from the Conservatives - that would easily cost them their Parliamentary majority - even with the Labour party in freefall.

2: This was the biggest swing to the Lib Dems in a by-election since 1997

The Witney by-election saw a swing from the Conservatives to the Lib Dems of 19.3% - that’s the biggest by-election swing to the Lib Dems since 1997’s Winchester by-election.

We achieved a 19.3% swing to us last night

3: Labour can’t take on the Tories

Tonight, we leapfrogged the Labour party and beat them into second place - their vote was significantly down on 2015 and this is a damning indictment of the ability of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party to win seats from the Tories.

4: We’re back

Tonight’s result saw our vote go up by 23.4% - that’s the biggest increase in the Lib Dem share of the vote since the Romsey by-election in 2000 and it clearly shows we’re back in business - our campaign took us from 4th place to 2nd - and it clearly shows that we can take the fight to this Conservative Brexit Government.


5: The voters of Witney sent Theresa May a message

Last night, the voters of Witney sent a message to Theresa May - that she can’t ignore - they voted against a hard Brexit, they voted against coming out of the single market and they voted against the Conservatives reckless, divisive agenda.

6: If you voted remain, you need to join us

Last night's result shows that we are the real opposition to this Conservative Brexit Government - but to do this in a general election, we need you.

We need you, to join us and build a movement of remain voters who will be the real opposition to this Conservative Brexit Government - and win.

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