Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Teacher pay rise 'an insult'

The Liberal Democrats have accused the government of insulting teachers and of having a 'tin ear' to public opinion after giving a below inflation pay-rise to teachers. 


Layla Moran MP, Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson and MP for Oxford West & Abingdon, said: 

"Giving teachers another below inflation pay-rise is frankly an insult to these incredibly hard working and dedicated professionals. The message coming loud and clear from Theresa May's government is that it simply does not value the profoundly important work teachers do to help our children achieve their potential. 

It is no secret that more and more teachers are being forced out of the profession they love, because they are being put under impossible pressure, while watching their pay fall in real terms, yet ministers seem happy to ignore this mounting crisis. 

Theresa May has just shown she is tin-eared with a heart of stone."

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