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Vale LibDem Budget Proposals

As the Vale of White Horse District Council decides on its budget for 2017/18, the Vale Liberal Democrats have identified three priorities for the coming financial year that need to be addressed: air quality; children‘s centres; and community leisure provision in Botley. 



Our nine LibDem Councillors (opposing 29 Conservatives) are working hard to get these priority areas addressed in the 2017/18 Vale Budget.

  • Children Centres Grants: Vale funds should be made available to community groups whose aim is to keep their local Children’s Centres viable, so they can continue to provide open access children and family services formerly funded by Oxfordshire County Council.

  • Air Quality Measuring Equipment: The Vale has three known air pollution hot spots where levels of oxides of nitrogen are above World Health Organisation (WHO) maximum exposure of 40mc. Monitoring and publicising pollution levels will help residents in pollution hot spots with a range of pulmonary conditions, who currently have no idea when it is safe to go outside and when they should remain indoors.

  • Leisure Provision in Botley: The north-east part of the Vale has been overlooked in strategies to provide community leisure facilities. Botley is a growing community that is well recognised as lacking in recreation facilities, especially for young people. The LibDem proposal would provide staff time and capital investment to provide new community leisure facilities over the coming three years.

Full proposals as sent to the Leader of the Vale in November is available on Cllr Debby Hallett’s blog: www.cllrdebbyhallett.com/category/budget-proposals.  The 2017/18 budget will be debated and agreed at the Vale Council Meeting on 15th February, 7pm at the Beacon in Wantage.

If you would like to know more about the Vale Budget and how you can support us, please contact Cllr Emily Smith on [email protected].


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