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20 is the New 30: Lib Dems Deliver on Campaign Promise

"Many villages in my area really wanted to slow down speeds in the village"—Liz Leffman, Lib Dem councillor and Leader of Oxfordshire County Council

Villages can now request 20mph zones to slow traffic racing through streets where people may be walking or children playing. Some West Oxfordshire residents have long been concerned about speed limits on some roads. In the Bartons, for example, villagers were so concerned that local resident (and Lib Dem Councillor) Dave Jackson ended up making '20 is plenty' signs himself that people could put up in their gardens (see below). 

You can now apply to Oxfordshire County Council to request a 20mph zone on your street. To do so, you'll need the approval of both your parish council and your own county councillor. You can then make the request here, on the Oxfordshire County Council website.


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