Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Abingdon Caldecott

Neil Fawcett & Samantha Bowring

Samantha lives here in Caldecott Ward and her children attend local schools.

She is an experienced local councillor with a long track record of getting things done in the ward.

Samantha has been the driving force in getting the Children’s Centre re-opened and was a founding Trustee of the new Abingdon Carousel charity that is now running it.

On the Town Council she has won extra resources to improve local play areas and has put a strong emphasis on the need to tackle climate change.

Neil is our County Councillor and has managed to get at least some local roads resurfaced and campaigned for more to be done.

His children attend local schools and he has lived in Caldecott ward for 23 years and works in the town.

Neil supported the reopening of the Children’s Centre and supported both the County and Town Councils giving grants.

He has campaigned for the authorities to do more to tackle flood risk and against overdevelopment.

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