Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Adam Povey - Churchill

Email: [email protected]

Adam is an educator and climate scientist measuring the ways that pollution changes clouds. He wants to see the council come through on its climate change promises not by government edict but by pressuring the megacorps that cause most of the problems and helping families make choices that are best for them and the environment.

An Oxford renter for over 15 years, Adam knows we desperately need more affordable housing built in easy-to-get-around communities with shops and schools that bring together people from all walks of life. But there’s plenty of space in Oxford such that development doesn’t need to put natural wonders like the Lye Valley at risk. His family ran a market stall in Derbyshire for many years and he wants to see more opportunities for small traders to thrive in Oxford, such as reducing the length of leases in the Covered Market.

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