Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Building Affordable Homes

1. We will revisit potential housing sites in the city, including those previously rejected, allowing for vastly more homes to be built across the city.

2. We will push for all sites to have a balance of at least 50% affordable or social homes, tackling the city's housing crisis and encouraging social cohesion. No developers will get away with failing to fulfil their promises; no more bulldozing affordable homes for luxury apartments.

3. We will look into an ‘Oxford Affordability’ rating. This will more accurately represent what is affordable for Oxford residents, as opposed to the way ‘affordability’ is currently calculated, having no bearing on actual affordability.

4. We will look into planning policy surrounding second homes. New developments should be for those first getting on the housing ladder.

5. We will support a review of Oxford’s Green Belt. New sites on the outskirts of the city will be taken into consideration, but we will still ensure that no areas of natural, historic, or scientific interest are destroyed in this process.

6. We will seek to vastly increase the environmental sustainability of new homes, especially in relation to new social housing, through reforms to the planning process.

Oxford should be a city open for all, not just rich homeowners. We don’t need more low-paid development growth in the city, but we desperately need more places to live. Social housing must also not be neglected, and must not be sold off or destroyed for more offices.


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