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Barton, Sandhills and Risinghurst - Andrew Heaver

Andrew Heaver is a school teacher and nature conservationist. He grew up in Sandhills and still lives in the community.

Trained as an ecological scientist at Edinburgh University and Melbourne University (where he gained his doctorate), Andrew passionately believes that all communities deserve clean air, liveable environments, and access to nature.

He has worked on community wildlife conservation projects (especially around Shotover) for several years, and opposes plans to build a thousand executive homes on green fields next to Barton and Sandhills.

As a teacher in an Oxfordshire comprehensive, Andrew wants a better deal for our young people - and for older generations, too.

We all deserve safe, clean, inclusive neighbourhoods - where everyone can feel welcome, regardless of age, social background, race or sexuality. He strongly believes the city council can do more to help citizens achieve this.

Andrew Heaver is your County Council candidate for Barton, Sandhills and Risinghurst


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