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Cherwell District Council

Cherwell is a local government district in northern Oxfordshire, England. The district takes its name from the River Cherwell, which drains south through the region to flow into the River Thames at Oxford. Towns in Cherwell include Banbury and Bicester. Kidlington is a contender for the largest village in England.

The northern half of the Cherwell district consists mainly of soft rolling hills vallying down towards to River Cherwell, however the southern half of the district around Bicester is much flatter. Much of the district is soft rolling hills with the northwest of the district lying at the northern extremity of the Cotswolds.

Much of the district is within easy reach of the M40, with junctions 9, 10, and 11 in the district. It also has good rail links with London, Birmingham, Oxford, and the South.

Cherwell District Council was re-organised in 2016, and now comprises 16 three-councillor wards, with one-third of the councillors (one per ward) were up for election each year thereafter.

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