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Crabhill S106 contribution Summary

June 2022

Dear Resident,

Local people have quite understandably been raising issues with us regarding the adequacy of local infrastructure for some time across a range of different types of facility and services.

To help clarify and capture upcoming infrastructure provision the following is a detailed list of the Section 106 contributions coming to the Wantage Community from the Kingsgrove 1,500 dwelling development at Crabhill. The total cash sum to be received totals around £41.3 million and will be paid over to Oxfordshire County Council, Vale of White Horse District Council, Wantage Town Council (in line with their respective statutory duties) as well as some individually named organisations on the list. In some cases, the developer may decide to provide the infrastructure rather than pay a sum to the Councils. They did this, for example, in respect of the Primary School which they chose to build themselves in line with a specification provided by the County Council. This will also be the case with the single most expensive item – the Wantage Eastern Link Road – construction of which has now commenced and is included in the figure above.

The receipt of most of these contributions are triggered when a set number of houses are built and occupied.

In addition to the funds to be received, other significant infrastructure will be provided directly by the developer. These are also listed below and although difficult to price are likely to cost the developers many several millions of pounds to provide.

We will try to provide a similar document for Grove Airfield in due course.

The very detailed Section 106 agreement (Over 200 pages) is available here on the Vale of White Horse District Council website https:// data.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/java/support/dynamic_serve.jsp? ID=1600948302&CODE=0A0E963BF5331A2CAF9586EB57536178

Councillor Andrew Crawford, Lib Dem Member for Wantage Charlton Ward (within which Crabhill is situated)
and Vale of White Horse District Council Cabinet Member for Finance and Corporate Assets.

June 2022

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List of Section 106 Contributions coming from Crabhill, Wantage

Adult Day Care Centre £380,000 Adult Learning Provision £10,500

Affordable Housing Units – 32% of the housing units on the site will be “affordable” rented houses

Allotments. As part of the Public Open Space an area of allotments alongside the existing Grove Road allotments will be provided with parking and a Chemical Toilet!

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty contribution for landscape enhancement £50,000

Betjeman Park maintenance contribution. £40,000

Cemetery Contribution for extending Wantage Cemetery. £55,000

Children’s Centre contribution. £13,000 for equipment

Community Officer. £151,000 to pay for a community development worker over a number of years.

Community Building, The construction of a 700 sq metre community building on site. Cost of build approximately £1.5 million plus a commuted sum of £151,000 to help operate and maintain the centre.

Nature Conservation. £101,000 to maintain and manage nature projects within 5 miles of the site.

Sports Pavilion. The construction of a sports pavilion plus a commuted sum of £221,000 to help operate and maintain the facility

Sports pitches. The construction of a variety of sports pitches. Also a commuted sum of £183,000 to help operate and maintain the pitches.

Community Bus. An amount of £50,000 towards the purchase and operation of a community bus.

Community Orchard. Within the 32 hectares of public open space will be a Community Orchard

Community Safety. An amount of £26,000 to funding fire and safety initiatives for home owners.

Cycle path contribution. £505,000 for the provision or improvement of cycle path from Wantage to Harwell.

Footpaths. £266,000 for a pedestrian and cycle link from Crabhill to Limborough Road retail area.

Greenspace. Approximately 32 hectares of public open space including planting of over 40,000 trees. Also a commuted sum of £3.7 million to maintain this land going forward.

Independent Advice Centre. (now Vale Community Impact) £184,000 contribution towards its services.

Indoor Sports Contribution, A sum of £1,565,000 for indoor swimming, sports hall and fitness area or similar in the area.

Junction improvement works – off site

  1. Improvements to the junction of the A338/A415 at Frilford. £213,000

  2. Improvements to the junction of the A338 and Steventon Road at East Hanney £350,000

  3. Improvements to the A338 junction with Grove Park Drive £16,000

  4. Improvements to the A338 junction with Oxford Lane at Grove £158,000

Play areas for children. 5 smaller local play areas and 2 larger play areas some equipped with accessible equipment for children with special requirements.

Library contribution. £69,000 for infrastructure and stock at Wantage Library.

Local Employment. Apprenticeship funding for local young people amounting to £30,000

Major Access Road – known as the Wantage Eastern Link Road from Mably Way roundabout to the A417. Total cost of this road will be in the region of £13 million.

The construction of sustainable drainage systems across the site and a commuted sum to cover ongoing maintenance of £372,000

A multi use games area (MUGA) artificial pitch– 37 metres by 18 metres

A contribution of £17,000 to the Vale and Downland Museum in Wantage.

Outdoor sports contribution. £576,000 to provide new or improved facilities for tennis, cricket, croquet, and rugby. Also the provision of 3 full sized football pitches or equivalent.

A sports pavilion with 4 changing rooms and associated facilities. £39,000 towards the costs of a Police Support Community Officer.

The construction of a 2 form primary school with land. Approximate cost of £8 million.

Public Art contribution of £151,000

£1.4 million towards the support of bus services serving the site and the wider community.

Contribution to improve local public rights of way of £56,000

Bus stops and real time info boards in Wantage, An amount of £87,000

A sum of £6.2 million towards the cost of a new secondary school and sixth form at the Grove Airfield site.

The provision of a skate board park on site.
A Special Educational Needs contribution of £206,000 Street signage costs amounting to £16,000

Wantage Street Pastors to receive £40,000

A Town Centre Manager to be funded by a contribution of £202,000

£26,000 towards the cost of implementing Traffic Orders

Football Training Area contribution of £50,000

Travel Plan administration. £16,000

Waste Collection contribution £262,000

Waste Disposal Contribution £221,000 This for improvements at Stanford waste site.

£303,000 towards the provision of Youth Services in the area. Including eg Scouts and Sweatbox.

TOTAL £41,326,500 plus provision of uncosted items such as Pavillion, Skate Park, Play Areas, Football Pitches, 32 Hectares of Public Open Space etc etc

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