Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Henley-on-Thames - David Thomas

David Thomas is standing in the Oxfordshire County Council elections on 4 May 2017 as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the county division of Henley.


David says: "Henley is a town where businesses close and care homes open. Nothing could provide a better metaphor for the failure in civil leadership our community is experiencing.  

I am passionate about what I term the three E's. Education, the Economy and the Environment. As I set out my vision for our community in 2030 and 2050, all three are intertwined.  We cannot protect our local Environment without considering the businesses and the Economy. We cannot promote Economic development without a view to Education and skills.  We must Educate for the Economy and Environment of the future, not of the past.

South Oxfordshire is endowed with many riches, however, as technological changes upend existing norms in the workplace and in the home, there has been a complacent attitude amongst those in authority.  I have worked in companies developing Artificial Intelligence systems, and have seen first hand the impact these will have on many traditional jobs. My goal is to bring innovation and entrepreneurialism in where now we have blinkered introversion. 

If we want a full range of jobs and careers for the children and grand children of our community, then we must prepare and adapt our strategies, not wait and be left behind." 

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