Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Dorothy Walker - Kidlington West Ward

key_Dorothy Walker

Email: [email protected]

 Dorothy has lived in Kidlington for 13 years and loves the character and location of the village. She wants to help maintain that character and see it develop sustainably for the future. Born and brought up abroad, Dorothy has lived in many different countries: in Africa, the Pacific, and Europe.  She studied Modern Languages at university and speaks French and Italian fluently, and Dutch and German conversationally.

After graduating, Dorothy worked for a UN agency in London which deals with employment law and rights.  When she moved to Belgium, Dorothy trained and qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language and taught there for twenty years, including nine years at NATO headquarters.  Dorothy has four adult children.

Dorothy supports the Lib Dem opposition to the Cherwell Local Plan, which will concrete over so much of our precious Green Belt. She also wants to strengthen our flood resilience, giving more support to small local businesses and helping to redress the damage to the lives and
livelihoods of our community and young people caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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