Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Building a Vibrant Local Economy

1. We will implement a ‘Tourist Tax’ which will create a tourist bed levy on hotel bills and travel coaches. This would raise more than enough money for local regenerative works and street cleaning.

2. We will push for the Oxford Living Wage to be implemented in more businesses across the city. We will continue to use it as a red line for businesses the council has dealings with.

3. We will support local businesses and make sure they are not forced out by larger national chains. To achieve this we will implement a council-run Small-Medium Enterprise advice service.

4. We will protect the Covered Market, and businesses on Cornmarket and the High Street. These places are iconic sites of Oxford, and are currently at risk of being forced out by the Westgate and souvenir chains.

5. We will encourage employers to promote employee ownership of companies. Employees shouldn’t be left at the whims of their employers and should have a stake in their futures.

Solutions such as these will give a long-needed to boost to our local economy, and will go a long way to revitalising Oxford.