Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Creating a cleaner, greener Oxford

1. We will create clean air routes for cyclists and pedestrians on major roads. This way they won’t have to breathe in polluted air whenever they want to travel anywhere in the city.

2. We will fight to protect our parks and green spaces. The positive effects that access to green spaces has on people living in urban areas have been noted, and we shouldn’t deny this to them.

3. We will push for the replacement of fossil fuels as a source of fuel within the city. Companies and residents will be encouraged to use zero and ultra-low emission fuels, such as biomethane and Euro6.

4. We will create more provision for renewable energy sources. Sources of energy such as solar and hydro should be viable alternatives.

5. We will support more radical traffic measures in the city, such as trams and congestion charges. These will cut emissions and make Oxford more accessible.

Protecting the environment is one of the most important challenges of our generation, and we believe as Liberal Democrats that these solutions will take us a great deal in the right direction towards a safer, more sustainable Oxford.

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