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We examine the possibility of a major new road corridor

There have been several reports in the Oxford Times about the” Expressway by Stealth”. Cllrs Tim Bearder and Freddie Van Mierlo examine some of the detail.

Irrespective of any role in the Expressway, responses to recent FOI requests indicate that changes were made to the South Oxfordshire Local Plan at a late stage on the initiative of County Council officers - in particular the addition of a proposal to “improve” the B4015, the removal of the safeguarding plan for Stadhampton Bypass and the inclusion of possible M40 junction changes outside the District which together with other local plan road proposals gives support to the suspicion that a major new route through our area is being planned.
In any event, the proposed improvement of the B4015, 2 miles long country lane, would have drastic effects environmentally. Apparently, this has not been the subject of any public consultation or discussion by members of Oxfordshire County Council.
As apparently these late changes to the Local Plan were initiated by officers of the County Council as highway authority we would like answers to the following questions:
  1. Could the County Council provide an explanation; indicating what assessments of the cost, traffic and environmental impacts it has undertaken before proposing that the B4015 improvement be included in the Local Plan and the Stadhampton Bypass safeguarding be removed?
  2. Could County Council explain the effects on feeder routes to the B4015 scheme and the junctions at each end. Also the consequences of the creation of a major route between A34 and M40, with the resultant increase in traffic, along A329 to the east especially Little Milton and the Wheatley/Waterstock area and changes to M40 junctions including at Bicester?
  3. Can the council indicate whether there has been or will be any public consultation on the individual proposals or on the major new route and its network implications?
  4. Can the council explain how it can be possible to continue with the currently proposed consultants' study of options for the Golden Balls improvement without having established a network context and provided answers to the above?

These new roads are largely coming about because Oxfordshire is part of the OxCam Arc read more about that here.

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