Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Grove North

Ruth Molyneaux & Ron Batstone

Ruth lives locally and is currently a local Parish Councillor, but has also previously served for many years both as a District and
County Councillor. She has four children and five grandchildren.

She is concerned by the vast amount of over-development and saturation of infrastructure and vital services, all put under pressure to breaking point. Residents need a strong and powerful voice that can either negotiate with developers, for better
services and more infrastructure but also resist further development.

She is a passionate defender of the Green Belt and other areas of public recreational space whilst still promoting economic

Ruth has a wealth of experience gained over many years on dealing with issues on behalf of residents and knows how the system works and how best to ensure it works for the benefit of residents. She is an independent-minded Liberal Democrat and will always ensure that the best interests of the residents of Grove North are put first.


Ron is a second generation Grove resident whose parents moved here in the 1970s. He recently retired from a career in IT with a major UK computing firm, the Met Office and most recently in the automotive industry. He now has the time to give something back to the community.

As a councillor he will aim to ensure that growth occurs alongside much-needed infrastructure to sustain a healthy vibrant community.

Ron has a particular knowledge of public transport issues and with considerable transport funding becoming available from the Grove Airfield development believes it vital that any new services reflect the needs of the whole community.

He has been a Fellow of the Royal Meterelogical Society for over 50 years and is a Friend of the Ashmolean Museum as well as Modern Art Oxford.

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