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John Howson's election countdown Q&A Day 21

Day 21 - Q. What experience do you have of commissioning services, particularly from the voluntary sector?

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Election countdown Q&A Day 22

Day 22 - Q. What have you previously done in your life that has prepared you for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner?

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John Howson's election countdown Q&A

With just over 3 weeks to go to the PCC elections on May 6th we are launching our election countdown Q&A. John will answer one question everyday leading up to polling day.

We begin with day 23 - Q. What do you understand the key aspects of the police and crime commissioner’s role to be?

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It's time to do things differently!

A Police Service not a Police Force. That simple phrase tells you how I view the role of PCC. It is time to do things differently.

Read below to find out more about my platform and to see why I am running for Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley Police Area.

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Law fining drivers whose cars were towed away left off the statute book for 30 years

There have been reports that enforcement powers used by police and local authorities to charge motorists for towing and impounding vehicles, were “inadvertently removed” from the statute book. The law was introduced in 1984, however due to a drafting error in 1991 it was deleted.

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John Howson and Lib Dems oppose “draconian” Anti-Protest Bill

This new government Bill is the biggest attack on our rights to free speech and protest that we have seen in a generation. The wording of this proposed law could criminalise people simply because the police or the Government think they are annoying. We cannot overstate how dangerous this could be in the wrong hands.

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Take part in our Thames Valley Crime Survey

Please take part in our Thames Valley Crime Survey. We would like to know your thoughts on crime and policing in 2021. Let us know whether you have been a victim of crime, and if you think police contact points should be closing. Please take our survey to have your voice heard.

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Met Police over-reaction at the Sarah Everard vigil

Was there a right to protest in the first lock down regulations and was it removed at some point? The Government are at fault for not providing specific rules to facilitate peaceful protest. The Met Police still over-reacted and someone senior must take responsibility.

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Vigil ban: Government has duty to facilitate safe protest

Responding to the ban on the Reclaim These Streets vigil for Sarah Everard, Munira Wilson, Liberal Democrat health spokesperson, said:

"Women and girls should be able to walk down our streets safely and without fear. I completely understand why people feel moved to attend vigils or protest about this. It is deeply disappointing that the Metropolitan Police have refused to help make it happen"

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Protecting yourself against cycle theft

Cycle theft is far too common, and as PCC I will take steps to address this. Here is some interesting advice on on how you can protect yourself, shared by an insurance company that specialises in cycling cover.

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