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John Howson's election countdown Q&A Day 15

Day 15 - Q. What is your experience of working with volunteers and do you think there is a role for volunteers in both policing and community safety? 

A. Through my work in politics, I have extensive experience working with volunteers. Most of those involved in my election campaigns have been volunteers. The two charities I have been a trustee with both used volunteers on a day to day basis

I believe that volunteers have an important part to play in policing, with special constables playing an integral role in making our communities safer. Volunteer firefighters and those that help support witness and victim services are key in extending the reach of those services. 

We need to make it clear that volunteers should not replace paid professionals, or be used as a substitute to save money but to extend services. I think there may be new roles needed, such as the use of computer experts to help detect fraud and identify telephone scams, which are getting far more common. 

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