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John Howson's election countdown Q&A Day 17

Day 17 - Q. What experience do you have of working in or with the private, public and voluntary sectors?

A. I have extensive knowledge of the private sector, having run a business since 1997. I have also been an investor in a tech start up (www.masabi.com) since 2007, and worked for TSL Ltd for three years between 2008-2011 

My public sector roles include working as a teacher in Tottenham from 1971-1980; a lecturer from mid-1980s to 1996 mostly in Oxford; as a civil servant from 1996-1997 and as a councillor from 2013 in Oxfordshire.

My third sector experience comes through my membership of the Lib Dems since 1960s, being chairman of the Cotswold line rail promotion group for a couple of years and a committee member for several more. I was also a branch representative for a teacher association in the 1970s and spent 20 years as a serving magistrate, including a period serving as a trustee of the Magistrates' Association and its Deputy Chair for one term.

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