Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Election countdown Q&A Day 22

Day 22 - Q. What have you previously done in your life that has prepared you for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner?

A. For over 20 years, I was a magistrate in Oxfordshire. In court, I heard the criminal cases happening in our communities and listened to the accounts of victims. I also served as national deputy chair of the Magistrates’ Association.

I oversaw national changes to licensing law in the run up to the 2003 Licensing Act. Following those changes, I then monitored how the law was put into practice. This has given me the experience necessary to set out our policing strategy and make sure this is achieved.

I have worked with professionals and politicians of all parties and all levels. This includes the Home Secretary, a national government minister. I am not intimidated by positions of power, such as a Chief Constable or a Council Leader. As the PCC for Thames Valley, I would serve the public interest and hold the right people accountable.

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