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Keeping Hanborough, Freeland and Lower Road Safe

With Liberal Democrats now leading Oxfordshire County Council, Progress in Reducing Speed Limits on Dangerous Roads is Finally Being Made

Lidia Arciszewska, tireless campaigner for lower speeds in Hanborough, with Dan Levy, Oxfordshire County Councillor.

The Liberal Democrats are committed to promoting safer roads, to protect our children and people choosing to walk or cycle. The new Fair Deal Alliance administration at Oxfordshire County Council has made it possible for all parishes to have their streets restricted to 20 mph over the course of their term in office. This will make "20 the new 30".


Apply for a 20mph restriction


On the ground, the Lib Dems are always at the front of action to support residents. Dr Lidia Arciszewska has been campaigning for years to cut speeds on Lower Road and in Hanborough and called for a return of bus services in Freeland and Church Hanborough. She says, "It is fantastic to see the County Council now supporting our campaigns and I look forward to the 20 mph zones being implemented as quickly as possible. It's also good to see our local Conservatives widely supporting the new traffic calming measures."

Contact Dan ([email protected]), or Lidia ([email protected]) for more information.

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