Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Kidlington West

Conrad Copeland & Katherine Tyson

Conrad Copeland is a local resident who cares passionately about his community.  He is an economist and researcher focussing on international trade and got involved in politics locally because he wants to make sure Kidlington continues to thrive as a strong and distinct community.  Conrad brings experience in local development as a former consultant for environmental and infrastructure projects, and will focus his attention on council to ensure that Kidlington can face future development challenges in a constructive and holistic manner, while maintaining its unique village identity.

He cares deeply about local services and thinks that the vibrancy of a community is founded on the links between residents.  To this end he advocates for community spaces and resources that bring together local residents. It’s up to councils to provide these spaces, and Kidlington deserves an advocate to reverse the shutdown of these vital community centres.

Conrad’s approach to politics has always been people-centric and he believes strongly that the interests of people should be paramount in a democracy. He lives in the village with his wife and understands the importance of an open and welcoming community.  He strives to embody these values both politically and in his life generally.


Katherine Tyson hopes to bring over a decade of advocacy and community experience to help develop the local community of Kidlington.  She is committed to improving the local environment, particularly concerning parks and air quality. Katherine also brings experience dealing with transportation networks in other jurisdictions and will strive to keep the community integrated as Kidlington faces new challenges.

She is a former researcher with the Blavatnik School of Government and the Centre for International Studies.  Katherine has always been a champion of local issues and wants to bring her experience in advocacy to help the residents of her community in Kindlington.  Her drive to get involved in these local elections comes from her desire to ensure the neighbourhood in which she has chosen to raise her future family remains part of a unique and strong community.

Katherine has chosen to run with the Liberal Democrats because over the last few years that she has lived in Oxfordshire she has observed first-hand the decline of politics and the eroding connection to local communities.  She believes the Liberal Democrats offer the best opportunity to connect with local constituents and to have their voices heard. It’s time to bring people into politics.

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