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Bookies say Lib Dems only challenger to Tories in Witney by-election

The odds on the Liberal Democrats in the Witney-by-election are tumbling following leader Tim Farron’s conference speech.

The bookmakers are now agreed it is a clear two-horse race with Labour out of the running at 25/1 and with Ladbrokes putting UKIP at 50/1. The Liberal Democrats are closing at 12/1, and Tim has already visited the constituency.

Liz Leffman, Liberal Democrat candidate, said:

“It is clear I am the only challenger who can send a powerful message to the Conservative Brexit government that they are starving the NHS of cash and putting Oxfordshire jobs at risk by seeking to rip Britain out of the Single Market.

“Today the Vice Chancellor of Oxford, newly crowned the world’s finest university, warned of an academic exodus thanks to Conservative determination to take us out of Europe.

“I am finding on the doorstep that people are responding to our message of overturning Conservative cuts to rural bus routes.

"There is also real anger that the Conservatives are not building more affordable homes for young local people and are instead allowing the building of massive executive homes.”

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