Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Oxford Manifesto 2018

The Liberal Democrats in Oxford have a strong record of fighting for a fairer society and keeping the city open and tolerant. Over the last few years, our councillors have consistently argued for more affordable housing and for greater support for homeless people.

With the election of Layla Moran as Member of Parliament for Oxford West and Abingdon last June, it is clear that the Liberal Democrats are a strong fighting force in Oxford. With consistent increases in vote share over the last couple of local elections, we are better placed than ever to make Oxford a fairer place for residents and students alike.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the situation here in Oxford measurably worsen. House prices recently hit an all-time high in the city; homelessness and rough sleeping increased by 85% in 2017; air quality in Oxford has decreased; and now we’re set to be departing the European Union in an extremely damaging Brexit.

Despite holding nearly three quarters of councillors, the Labour council have completely failed to tackle these issues, and it falls to us, their opposition, to pick up the slack.

Recently, we have successfully proposed motions supporting the rights of refugees and of terminally ill employees in the council. Meanwhile, working in our role of leading on scrutiny, we have tightened up the Council's use of Community Protection Notices, reducing the ability of the council to issue £2,500 threats prominently to people sleeping rough and remove their belongings.

The Liberal Democrats have been an effective force of opposition on the council. We’re fighting this year to enact our vision for a fairer Oxford.

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