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Air quality in Marcham - can you help?

Could you support us in addressing dangerously high levels of air pollution in Marcham? 
District Councillor Catherine Webber and County Councillor Richard Webber need your help to conduct an air quality survey this spring. 


Practical Action to Help Improve Air Quality in Marcham

Abingdon Town Centre, Botley and Marcham are designated as Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) as they suffer from dangerously high levels of air pollution.

However, despite Action Plans put in place by the Vale of White Horse District Council, there seems to be very little actually happening to reduce levels of NOx gases and particulate matter, despite the clear danger to public health and repeated questions to the Conservative administration.

In Marcham, Cllr Catherine Webber is working hard with her husband, County Councillor Richard Webber, to tackle this lack of progress head on.

Traffic and emissions analysis in 2013 showed that HGVs were the biggest polluters. Since then the number of HGVs using this road has increased and Catherine is campaigning to get HGVs rerouted away from the A415 through Marcham.

Unfortunately, the County Council won’t do this without evidence of the increased emissions and say they cannot afford to do another survey.

So, Catherine and Richard have negotiated a solution. The County Council have agreed for the community to do their own survey (under County guidance) which they will use when making decisions about tackling the problem in Marcham around Packhorse Lane and Faringdon Road.

To ensure this survey is reliable, volunteers are needed to help survey certain stretches of road over a day, which will start quite early and stretch late into the evening.

“It is very frustrating to know that we have an AQMA in Marcham and yet nothing is being done about it. At last there is an opportunity to do something practical that might make a difference”.

If you are able to spare an hour or two to help with the survey this spring, please contact Catherine on 01235 534001 or at [email protected]

There will be a planning session on Sunday 5 March at 4pm to decide on the best date for the survey. For details, please contact Catherine.


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