Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Maxwell Stewart - Churchill

Email: [email protected]

Maxwell is 23 years old and has lived in Oxford his whole adult life - since September of 2016, but even before then, he has been very local to Oxford.

Maxwell is a student at Oxford Brookes University. He studied Politics and International Relations and am rather proud to say that I graduated with First-Class Honours. Maxwell's dyslexia made university a considerable challenge, but it never stopped him. He feels incredibly passionate about politics and the enormous role it plays in each of our day to day lives.

This passion motivated him to work hard on my degree and understand it as fully as I could. This passion drove me to run for student government at Brookes (Brookes Union) in July of 2019 - where he, as "VP Student Voice" was just coming to the end of his second term of leading on the universities formal student representation system and advocating for the student interest in numerous university committees & meetings.

It is this passion that has led him to stand as your candidate for Churchill Ward. He loves oxford and genuinely believes in local government, but feels that it is no wonder that so many people have become disaffected with politics when local government is unresponsive and unengaging. He is standing for election because I am passionate, expect more from local government and want to make a difference.

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