Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Abingdon North - Nathan Ley

Nathan Ley is standing in the Oxfordshire County Council elections on 6 May 2021 as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the county division of Abingdon North.

He lives in North Abingdon with his wife and 2 young children, he works in the pharmaceutical industry, based at Abingdon Science Park.

He grew up in the New Forest and went on to study Biochemistry at Imperial College London, before going on to achieve a PhD in the same subject.

Locally, his overriding motivation is to protect the qualities that make Abingdon a thriving place to live. This begins with building and repairing the local town economy within Abingdon.

Nathan’s main passion is to sustainably improve local infrastructure that will enhance everyday quality of life. Things such as the establishment of new cycle lanes and walking routes. This needs to be underpinned and guided by an ethos that puts the natural environment first, ensuring that we maintain and safeguard our natural resources and assets.

Having witnessed the mismanagement and erosion of front-line services by the 16 year-long Conservative administration, Nathan has been spurred into action to restore adult social care, youth services, and wider public health interventions to help Abingdon and the wider area build back better from the coronavirus pandemic.

Nathan Ley is your County Council candidate for Abingdon North


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