Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Oxfordshire MPs ignore voters on Article 50

Despite Oxfordshire overwhelmingly voting to Remain in the European Union, its MPs have all voted to begin leaving the European Union within three months.


 Although 70% of Oxford residents voted to Remain, its MPs Nicola Blackwood and Andrew Smith have ignored them and chosen instead to opt for allowing the Government to proceed with a hasty, Hard Brexit.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Layla Moran said:

“Oxfordshire has made its view on the EU quite clear. We want to remain.

“Here in Oxford West & Abingdon we saw very high support for Remain, yet our MP has chosen to ignore our voices.

“The Conservative Brexit government seems set on a Hard Brexit that will cost jobs and investment in research and education.

“It has also gone back on promises to give the NHS an extra £350m a week that would help hospitals such as the John Radcliffe.

“Only the Liberal Democrats are standing up for the interests and views of Oxfordshire residents.”

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