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Liberal Democrats Demand Better for Oxford Housing

Oxford City Council has begun work on 43 new houses on two sites in Rose Hill, but the Liberal Democrats believe this is clearly not enough to meet Oxford's housing requirements.

House prices are soaring in Oxford, and the City Council's approach, prioritising commercial development over residential, and luxury flats over affordable homes, is only adding to the problem.

To solve Oxford's housing crisis, the Liberal Democrats propose:

  1. Ensuring that all sites are at least 50% affordable. Diverse communities are stronger communities.
  2. Creating an ‘Oxford Affordable’ definition, to ensure that ‘affordable’ really is affordable to local people.
  3. Shifting the focus away from business growth and towards affordable home building, and allocating land as such.
  4. Lobbying the government for additional powers to tackle empty and second home ownership in Oxford. Homes should be for living in, not investment opportunities.

Commenting, City Centre campaigner and the Oxford Liberal Democrats' Homeless & Rough Sleeping spokesperson, Conor McKenzie, said:

"While we welcome the sorely-needed construction of social housing in Oxford, 43 homes is not nearly enough.

“The City Council has allowed affordable homes and homeless shelters in the City Centre to be bulldozed, for them to be replaced with luxury housing completely out of reach from the average person in Oxford. They are showing little consideration for social cohesion in new developments, pushing people on low incomes further and further out of Oxford, while reserving the land their homes once occupied for millionaires.

“We need to drastically change the way the City Council approaches planning, before it’s too late and there is no land left."


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