Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Help us turn out more for Remain!

In order to win the EU Referendum nationally we need to get the many Remain supporters in Oxfordshire to the polls.

We have the volunteers. We have the data. We just need the money.

Target letters are lined up for printing and stuffing as soon as we hit our target. The quicker we hit it, the sooner we can get them out across the county, running an even stronger campaign.

Please give what you can spare. We need a strong Remain vote and a big turnout in Oxfordshire if the campaign is going to succeed nationally.

These target letters will go a long way to ensuring more Remain voters come to the polls. Your money will go a long way to ensuring Britain votes to Remain.

Please donate what you can below. Anything that we raise over our target will help towards running an even stronger campaign ahead of polling day in just a few days.


£1,370.00 pledged

how much will you pledge to donate on Jun 20 2016?

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