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Tory Leader on Near-Solo Mission to Block Witney-Oxford Rail Route

The Tory leader of Oxford County Council has come out against a plan to protect a rail route to Witney, relieving pressure on the traffic-ridden A40. 85 candidates have committed to protecting a rail route, with just three in opposition — Ian Hudspeth, the Tory council leader who is standing for re-election in Woodstock; Liam Walker, candidate for Hanborough; and the Burning Pink candidate, Dave Baldwin, who also wants to abolish the government. 20 other Tories remain on the fence. Their stance is particularly bizarre given the national rail minister has spoken out publicly in favour of the project. 

The local Tory leadership has done nothing to progress a railway over the last two decades and with this latest move have admitted they never will. Their only plan to relieve congestion on the A40 is an additional bus lane. If you want the railway built, giving us all a fast, reliable, clean travel option in West Oxfordshire, vote for the Liberal Democrats in the upcoming May 6th local elections. If you're voting tactically, supporting the county council candidates in Woodstock and Hanborough—where the two Tory candidates opposing the railway are running—is particularly critical. Your vote really matters.

Please share this information with anyone you know who wants to see a railway built. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time at [email protected] You can also sign our petition, and if you include your email address, we'll keep you updated.

Source: The survey of candidates in the upcoming elections was put together by the Witney-Oxford Transport Group, a cross-party community group seeking to improve transport options in West Oxfordshire, and can be found here. The survey of local residents can be found here.

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