Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats are challenging Part 2 of the Vale District Council’s Local Plan

Their submission to the Planning Inspector points out the plan created by the Conservative administration is unsound, does not provide suitable infrastructure for the proposed new homes and does nothing to make housing in the Vale affordable for people on average or low incomes.

Local Plan Part 2 (LPP2) sets out how the Vale will provide 2200 homes towards Oxford City’s unmet housing need and will put in place some new housing development policies. The Vale Liberal Democrats have raised several concerns including: the new government formula for calculating housing need, a Lodge Hill Park and Ride (which may never be built) being used to justify new housing at Dalton Barracks, and the need for better local bus services and cycle infrastructure.

The response makes the case for the removing two new roads across green belt in Sunningwell from the plan - as there is no evidence that these routes will be needed in this location and there has been consultation about the route specified.

Local Liberal Democrats are also making the case for new policies to be included to ensures more affordable housing as part of new developments and the provision of charging points for electric vehicles across the Vale.

An Examination in Public will take place next Summer to assess the soundness of Local Plan Part 2 and the Vale Liberal Democrats hope to be at the table to make our arguments in person to the Planning Inspector.

Click here to read the group's full submission to the planning inspector.


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