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Vale Local Plan: Residents’ concerns must be taken into account

The Planning Inspector has written to the Vale of White Horse District Council, supporting the version of the Local Plan Part 2 that was proposed by the previous Conservative administration.

key_IMG_4951.JPG"We were elected on a platform that opposed a number of the proposals in this plan,” said Emily Smith the newly elected Liberal Democrat Leader of the Council. “Frustratingly, the inspectors’ letter makes it harder for us to deliver what the public elected us to try and do."

“We need to take some time to consider our options in relation to Local Plan Part 2 and work out how to ensure the council is in the best position to achieve our aims and get the best deal for Vale residents.”

"In particular we want to deliver more genuinely affordable housing, ensure that adequate infrastructure is delivered to support new development, address climate change and plan on the basis of up to date evidence"

"We have seen that the Inspector looking at Oxford's Local Plan is challenging their housing figures, which could mean that housing numbers in the Vale's Part 2 Plan are higher than actually needed,” said Catherine Webber who leads on Planning for the Vale Liberal Democrats.

“Whatever we decide about Local Plan Part 2, we will be starting work immediately to ensure that the next Local Plan does a much better job of delivering for local residents and the environment." 

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