Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Watchfield and Shrivenham

Bjorn Watson & Brian Sadler

Brian Sadler is a retired IT Professional who has worked for many different types of organisation including one of the largest London Metropolitan Borough Councils and several large multinational companies, at locations throughout the UK, Western Europe, the Middle East and West Africa.

He also has the experience of running and managing a small IT company of his own.

He has lived in the local area since 1984 where he served on Kingston Lisle Parish Council for 16 years.

Brian is married with two grown up sons who also live in the Wantage area with their families.

He has recently retired and now has time to devote, if elected, for serving the community.


Bjorn has lived in Shrivenham for over twenty-five years and been a Parish Councillor for over half that time.

He has been Chairman of the Memorial Hall for two terms and is currently the Vice Chair. Over the years he has piloted many improvements to the hall and was instrumental in getting the roof renewed - a process which involved protracted litigation.

Bjorn was also responsible for producing the Village Plan in 2012 and driving through the Shrivenham Neighbourhood Plan. Shrivenham is set for a period of unprecedented growth in next five years. With the village doubling in size and our infrastructure strained to breaking point there will be desperate need to represent the interests of our community with vigour at the Vale where our village are seen as a remote and often irrelevant corner of the District.

A long standing Liberal Democrat, Bjorn believes it is a time for change particularly in the light of the current mess in parliament.

As an engineer he has taken particular interest in planning. He is well placed to represent the interests of the village in matters such as design, infrastructure and development.

He is also an enthusiastic promoter of the need to conserve our environment and provide a future for our children and grandchildren.

Bjorn lives with Sue who is one of the few “old village” still around and has two daughters, one of whom, Nikki, is a local architect. He has two granddaughters, Rosie and Kitty, both of whom attended Shrivenham Primary School.

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