Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats

Buses to our villages

Many rural communities are still reeling for devastating cuts to bus services when subsidies were withdrawn in 2016. Since taking control of Oxfordshire County Council in May 2021, we've been able to provide some financial support to bus services run by community groups. In Hanborough, for example, there is now a bus service between Eynsham and Standlake, provided by the community group First and Last Mile. This partially restores the old 11 service. 

Buses are lifelines to our villages, providing access to jobs, shopping, friends and community, but running rural bus services costs money. Even with dedicated volunteers, some routes are hard to make viable and we need to support them as much as we can. 

Individually, you can donate to First and Last Mile here, or (if you're feeling brave!) volunteer to be a driver. Our other local community bus service is West Oxfordshire Community Transport. You can become a member here




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