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John Howson calls for more spending on youth Justice

Youth Justice: more spending neededLiberal Democrat Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley, Cllr. John Howson has called for more spending on youth justice after figures reveal that in 2019-2020 (the latest year that statistics from the government are available), spending on youth justice rose by 0.05p per capita to an average of £12.74p. That’s still £2.12p below the annual per capita expenditure in 2014-15, during the coalition government.

At the present rate of increase, it would take many years and several governments' terms of office to return even to the 2014-15 amount, let alone its real value uprated for inflation.

Since 2014-15, there has been a rise in certain crimes committed by young people, and lives have been lost dues to stabbings. Along with the cuts in court times and delays to trials - revealed earlier by HM Inspectorate - this shows a justice system in crisis and a government that doesn’t care.

Cllr John Howson, Lib Dem candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Thames Valley, called on the Conservative government to "increase investment in youth justice, to allow more young people to be diverted from a life of crime and to save lives."

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